6. September – 8. September 2024
International Vorarlberg Allgäu ProAm Championship

Top-class golf for local and international golf professionals and amateurs

Golf Sport
Golfpark Bregenzerwald
GC Oberstaufen Steibis

Tournament highlight in the Allgäu-Bregenzerwald region

This tournament is organized jointly by the two golf courses Golfpark Bregenzerwald and Oberstaufen Steibis. This close collaboration between two leading golf facilities in the region is intended to create a top-class sporting event for local and international golf professionals. On 36 holes, we can give a field twice as large the opportunity to play as in similar tournaments. This not only increases the sporting value, but also the prize money paid out for professional golfers. Amateurs can also participate. The organizers have decided on an exciting 1/1 mode. This means that one professional and one amateur will play for victory in a parallel team competition. On the first two days, the participants will complete a round as a team at the Bregenzerwald Golf Park and at the GC Oberstaufen Steibis. On the final day, it's all about the prize money for the professionals at the Bregenzerwald Golf Park and, of course, for the amateurs at the GC Oberstaufen Steibis, not only the handicap, but also valuable prizes. Here, the collaboration between the two systems offers increased reach and extremely demanding perspectives. A Players Party, as part of the supporting program, and of course the joint award ceremony round off the program. Spectators and those interested in golf are of course also very welcome. The organizers' goal is to once again launch a top-class European tournament highlight, outside of the large organized professional golf tours, in the region and hopefully establish it for many years to come.

The best thing about golf is the course. Especially the Bregenzerwald Golf Park, where architect Kurt Rossknecht explores the special features of the gently hilly Weißach Valley with its old groups of trees and natural meadows carefully placed bunkers, ponds and greens to create a varied experience course with 18 holes for all skill levels. Here you will still find the original charm of the game, with wide Fairways, narrow corridors, exciting slopes and slopes in front of the impressive backdrop of the foothills of the Alps. So the golf park is ideal in the traditional Bregenzerwald and the Nagelfluhkette Nature Park embedded. The chirping of birds and the rustling of leaves accompany you playing; you enjoy the relaxing peace, the undisturbed enjoyment of nature and the clear alpine air in a mild, bracing climate. The well-kept cultural landscape and friendly people create distance between everyday life and every round makes you want to do the next one. In the golf park every round of Bregenzerwald will be a feast for all senses, for you and your golf flight.

The facility of the Oberstaufen-Steibis e. Golf Club, founded in 1989. It is a true golf paradise. Due to its location, the 18-hole course (par 70) is in the best conditions for the finest golf experiences. The place is in a magnificent location in the middle of the Allgäu Alps at an altitude of 900 meters. Here, at the foot of the Nagelfluh chain, between lush mountain meadows and charming nature trails the holes are set against a unique backdrop. The player has panoramic views of the unique landscapes of Oberstaufen and the surrounding mountains. The golf course is challenging in terms of sport. The greens are undulated. Bunkers, doglegs and slopes are for all kind of golfers challenging. The facility is hilly and has water obstacles with biotopes, springs and old trees.

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